For further information, or to request an initial meeting, you can email me at

Alternatively you can call 0775 2468 315. Please note that my phone is often on silent mode, so please leave a message with your details. Unfortunately my practice is currently full. I could put you on a waiting list if you wish or you could access the BACP Register for other options.

For information on Fees and Referrals.

If you would like information about other kinds of therapy offered in Edinburgh contact The Whole Works.




I am interested in how therapists can communicate effectively about their work with those outside of their professional communities.

The content of this site is an attempt to make some of what we do more transparent and accessible.

Inevitably, in the attempt to be accessible, some of the subtlety, precision and detail of these complex subjects will be lost. If you have any comments, questions or objections to what I have written I would like to hear from you. Email your comments to


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